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Neighbourhood Plan update and survery results

Previous editions of the Parish Focus magazine have outlined the Council’s work on designing a Neighbourhood Plan that will set out what type of housing, services and transport networks will best serve the needs of our community in the years to come. You may remember that following a series of events last year, we asked everyone, via the Parish Focus, to send in their thoughts and views regarding how the Parish should develop in the future. We received hundreds of replies and throughout December the Council held Neighbourhood Planning events where we presented the results of what you said.


The first was on Friday 6th December at the Mace store on the Droitwich Road. Many thanks to Alan Kasch for lending us the shop space & supplying wine and nibbles to entertain everyone who came along. The charts and graphs on the following pages outline what you told us, but to summarise the hundreds of replies we received;


  • although the majority of people were against development in the Parish some respondents believed it was inevitable. However, it should be managed in a way that best suits the community
  • others wanted better services and improved transport systems, including better traffic management systems
  • also, respondents wanted to see better amenieites such as a Doctors surgery and resources for the community such as a village hall


The survey clearly highlights that a key reason why so many of you enjoy living in North Claines is the rural nature of Fernhill Heath, Bevere and the surrounding areas. Many of you clearly value living amongst open countryside whilst having good access to Droitwich, Worcester and to regional road networks.



The Council is now planning the next stage of the Neighbourhood Plan and we urge you all to contribute your thoughts and ideas on our proposals. Please talk to family and friends and encourage them to get in touch or come along to events we will be holding throughout 2014, so everyone has an opportunity to have their voice heard. We really want to know what you think as we value everyone’s contribution.

Please email with any comments or suggestions or if you would like to get involved.

North Claines Parish Council to hold Public Meeting about Neighbourhood Plan

North Claines Parish Council is to hold it’s first Public Meeting about the North Claines Parish Neighbourhood Plan on the 7th November 2012 at 7pm at the Memorial Hall in Fernhill Heath.  The meeting is due to last 1 hour and it to publicise and explain what the Council is undertaking.  It is important for as many members of the community to attend and get involved.  We look forward to seeing you there.

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Diamond Jubilee Milestone Unveiled near Hawford

On Tuesday the 5th June 2012, to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, North Claines Parish Council, with assistance from Councillor Tony Miller unveiled a commemorative Milestone on the A449 at Hawford.

The milestone was hand crafted by the members of the Worcestershire group of the Milestone Society and we’d like to thank them for their care, attention and support on this project. For more information on the Milestone Society, visit:

Olympic Torch Relay through Fernhill Heath

Fernhill Heath was lucky enough to have the Olympic Flame pass through on 24th May and people turned out in their droves.  It was a treat for everyone who turned out to see the Olympic Torch and the torch-bearers.